The Journal of Interprofessional Care Announces the 2009 Baldwin Award Winner

Informa Healthcare and the Journal of Interprofessional Care are proud to announce the winner of the Baldwin Award for the best paper published in the Journal in 2009:
“Interprofessional Learning in the Trenches: Fostering Collective Capability”, by Hassan Soubhi, Nicole Rege Colet, John H.V. Gilbert, Paule Lebel, Robert L. Thivierge, Catherine Hudon, and Martin Fortin.

The winning paper was among a short list of excellent papers including:

  • A theoretical article describing an evaluation for assessing community-based clinical instruction and IPE (by L. Trojan and colleagues titled: Evaluation Framework for a Multi-Site Practice Based IPE)
  • A thoughtful paper that uses the notion of a multi-national Europe as a metaphor for IP Collaboration (by Lorenz, titled: Europe, the Profession and IPE)

The winning paper demonstrates how knowing and doing can creatively interface through collective activity. This brief and elegant paper in many ways provides a roadmap for the evolving field of interprofessional practice and offers a well-argued framework for research activity in the field. Readers from a wide range of disciplines will find this paper accessible and relevant to their practice.