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Job Posting: Director, Center for Interprofessional Practice Education

Posted: 2018-04-11

Assistant or Associate Vice President For Interprofessional Education (IPE)

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston ( ) seeks exceptionally well-qualified candidates for an Assistant or Associate Vice President for Interprofessional Education (IPE).
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Complex Care and the Need for Collaborative Brains


With the rising complexity of patient care comes a rising need for collaborative work. The articles in this issue explore two important questions in this regard: How should we organize collaborative work? And how should we prepare future generations for it?...(read more at

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Published Research, Data, and the Promise of Understanding


There is something comforting about categorizing objects and events in the world. Categories provide structure to what we see and what we talk about. They are often useful real-world distinctions that extend our capacity to understand and intervene in the world...

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Emoticons and IPE


Emoticons and Interprofessional Education: A Topic for Research?



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Escaping the Red Queen

Health care practice is as varied as the patients we care about. Not only do we engage in clinical practice, but some of us also conduct educational research, while others experiment and innovate as clinicians, researchers, and health policy makers. To keep up with evolving knowledge, we must also continually ramp up new care processes and technologies, learn new skills, and enhance efficiency. I’m often reminded of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass where Red Queen tells Alice: “it takes all the running you can do...[Read more at]  
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The Journal of Interprofessional Care Announces the 2009 Baldwin Award Winner

Informa Healthcare and the Journal of Interprofessional Care are proud to announce the winner of the Baldwin Award for the best paper published in the Journal in 2009:
“Interprofessional Learning in the Trenches: Fostering Collective Capability”, by Hassan Soubhi, Nicole Rege Colet, John H.V. Gilbert, Paule Lebel, Robert L. Thivierge, Catherine Hudon, and Martin Fortin.
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The Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada releases transformative report on medical education in Canada


Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada Report: The Future of Medical Education in Canada (FMEC): A Collective Vision for MD Education.

A full copy of the report, in both official languages, as well as a downloadable version of the FMEC launch video can be downloaded at:

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