Emotional Intelligence and Teamwork Skills Among Undergraduate Engineering and Nursing Students: A Pilot Study

Charlotte Lee, Michele Bristow, Jason C. Wong


Background: Healthcare operations require collaboration between healthcare and non-healthcare professionals.

Objectives: To examine: a) the effectiveness of a case-based interprofessional education (IPE) workshop, and b) the association between emotional intelligence (EI) and teamwork skills in nursing and industrial engineering trainees.

Methods: Undergraduate nursing and industrial engineering students (N = 42) participated in a workshop that requires the integration of knowledge from both disciplines. Previously validated instruments were used to assess EI, empathic listening and teamwork skills pre- and post-workshop.

Findings: While results of the multivariate analysis of variance suggested no difference in study variables before and after the workshop, findings from Pearson’s correlation revealed more pairs of significant correlations post-workshop. Positive association between EI and teamwork skills was found post-workshop.

Conclusion: IPE workshops beyond conventional healthcare professions are feasible and welcomed by trainees. EI should be considered an antecedent of teamwork.


Industrial engineering; Nursing; Interprofessional education; Emotional intelligence; Undergraduate; Teamwork

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22230/jripe.2018v8n1a260